Money Management For Kids (Especially Teens)

When it comes to money management for kids, there's nothing like the children or teens' own miniature businesses to make money and math come alive. One parent was concerned her teenage son was mentally "slow." When she created a math curriculum for him that was a combination of math lesson plans that simultaneously built him his own money-earning business, he not only became better at math, they discovered he was gifted in math - doing complicated math calculations correctly in his head.

The problem with money management for kids being taught via their own home business, or group activity micro business, is that we parents and typical school teachers can be uninformed not only about owning a business itself - but we often don't know what we don't know.

There's a calculated method that starts at the beginning of an idea and moves forward step by step, eventually turning ideas into income and businesses, and many parents and teachers know only how to be employees working for someone else.

And, consider this: Even ADHD kids have been known to be able to focus when paid for doing the work. Understandably, that doesn't sit well with the generations of kids who did and do the work without being paid. But it does point to a promising way to teach all kids, including ADHD ones, with the math curriculums that revolve around money-earning projects either as independent study or as group activities.

Luckily, in this age of entrepreneurship and home offices, this need for curriculum on money management for kids using their own mini-money-earning projects is being recognized. Today, parents and even teachers can learn right along with their students, both learning and teaching money management for kids while discovering themselves how to start up a passionate livelihood.

For lessons on money management for kids today, don't be afraid to seek out the numerous new resources, often at low cost, for math curriculum (some that even earn high school credit) that use the kids' own income producing project as the background if you're not up on it yourself. And if you are savvy at the topic, consider creating your own money management for kids program with their own mini-home businesses or with classroom fundraising as a math group activity. Whether you're a teacher or homeschooling parent, it's a very good choice to consider.