Troubled Teens and Christian Boarding Schools

Every parent who has a troubled teen hopes that their kid will snap out of their problems, do well at school and live a happy and healthy life. And to achieve that goal, many parents send their child to a Christian boarding school. These schools are pretty much the same as most boarding schools except Christian boarding schools place an emphasis on the spiritual education of each student. They base their moral teaching on the teachings of the Bible.

But Christian boarding schools do not swamp their students with religion. Rather it is the Christian faith which is the basis or foundation of the teaching programs.

Almost every teen will face temptation in their formative years with such issues as drugs, alcohol, sex and crime. Parents obviously wish to help their son or daughter make logical and healthy decisions to reject bad influences and wrong life choices. Knowing their teen is a part of a Christian boarding school gives everyone a positive attitude. The teachings in a Christian boarding school are based on the Ten Commandments. This is a powerful and positive basis for a moral upbringing. And because the students are boarding at the school, staff can keep a 24/7 watch over their pupils.

This fact of being on the school campus day and night has additional benefits apart from keeping troubled teens away from potential dangers. First there is time for after-hours supervised study sessions and after-hours extra curricula activities such as sports and the arts. Students don't go home as such and so at the end of their school day they can work on their music or dance or swimming or track and field.

Academically the standards are high and are tied into subjects taken in high schools. This means that if a troubled teen is withdrawn from their Christian boarding school for any reason, the student should be able to get credits for their academic progress and resume their studies with a minimum of fuss. Christian boarding schools aim to assist their students to do so well academically so that the students will be eligible for the college or colleges of their choice.

Being a Christian boarding school, it is natural that Bible study is part of the teaching program. However, most schools do not force students to take scripture classes although most students do participate. All this is part of the moral guidance program at the school. Being based on Christian teaching and its way of life, it is natural that Bible study will be an important aspect of the education program.

Teens who are troubled need special care. They need to be nurtured and taken away from their pain and into a life where they can be confident and have a high self-esteem. This is a basic aim of a Christian boarding school. It is not just a fine all-round education on offer but also a caring and helping environment where troubled teens can turn their life around and grow into happy and healthy young adults.