Kids and Peer Pressure in Today's World

As parents, it is our responsibility to listen to or children, and make sure that they are understand that we are there for them in everything they do in their lives. So many parents work long hours at work, that when they come home they are too tired to take time out with their children. In the teen years, it is very important that our children understand, that we are there to support them when the road begins to get tough. Sometimes teens began to get stressed because they are worried, about, whether they are going to pass an exam, or whether or not they are going to make the team. High school can bring about many changes in a teens life, especially if this is something very new to you and you're learning to adapt to changes. Of course you are no longer at middle school, and you're not going to see the same faces.

Many teens begin to worry about who will like them, they will also begin to feel unattractive because the body certainly begins to change with growing up and the girls will start to sprout out as the boys begin to grow a mustache, but this is very normal. We need to support our children and let them know that they are beautiful in every unique, form, and fashion. These are a few minor issues, that our children will face and this will heal with time. Another major issue that teenagers have to deal with, when it come to peer pressure, is learning to say, 'No', too drugs. This is one of the leading killers in high school today. When kids become overstressed they attempt to help themselves feel better by listening to what, we call cool kids, that linger in the hallways instead of trying to get an education.

They prey on kids that are loners or kids that seem depressed, but when we show our kids love and give them a listening ear, they will refrain from drugs because they know when things get rough, their parents are always there to lean on. Drugs are not the only thing that teens get hooked on when struggling with peer pressure. The other known killer of today is cigarettes which leaves the lungs black and unhealthy. For many people who have teenagers, we have to be there, for our kids and they will overcome peer pressure. They will be able to look back and understand that it was just a phase, that every teenager run into.