Military Schools - Looking At One Alternative To Raising Happier, Calmer Children And Teens

Many parents think that sending their badly behaved children and teens to military schools will solve all their problems. They are wrong to believe this because there are many things to consider before deciding on this move.

The first thing to consider is the financial aspect. There will be a clause that you will have to sign where you agree not to claim back the fees, should your teen decide to drop out. That could mean a big loss as the clause might specify the fees for the whole school year and not just the semester!

The second thing to consider is whether that type of environment is actually suitable for your badly behaved child. How will he or she respond to such an environment? There may well be other problems that surface later on and you could be sowing the seeds of resentment against your parental authority. It could also compromise your relationship with your offspring.

The third thing to consider is that many military schools will just not accept children who are out of control, defiant and aggressive as they have to fit in with school life and be able to get on with their peers. If the child is already violent and aggressive towards his peers at his normal school, there is no guarantee that he would change in the new environment.

Apart from the discipline issues which are clearly the driving force behind such a decision, have you thought about the bonding issues? Any child needs an affectionate and loving supportive environment in which to grow up. Even obnoxious kids need that! The military schools are not the ideal environment to provide that kind of support and that may well make your child unhappy, frustrated and lonely.

So what is the alternative to military schools? The answer is to find a good behavioral therapy program or simply learn effective parenting skills. There is no need for expensive family therapy or counseling. You can do this efficiently, easily and above all cheaply in your own home.

By using such a program, you can stop the back talking instantly. You will be able to stop the endless arguments and you will be able to get your child back again. You will never dread coming home again in the evening after work.

So, there you have it. You can either opt for very expensive military schools or ask for help from the psychiatrist below who has been dealing with these problems for over twenty years.