How Your Child Can Make the Transition From Home School to College

You may be wondering if home schooling is a good idea for a child that has outgrown their youth and are now in their latter teens. As thoughts about college arises and it's time to think about continued education, some parents feel that attending a public or private high school is necessary for college admission. But this is not true at all.

In fact, Harvard has accepted in the past 2 kids that were home schooled into their degree programs. Most colleges are aware that home schooled kids can have educational advantages as opposed to their counterparts in high school, so they are open to the possibility of accepting home schooled kids.

Most colleges are more interested in the knowledge of the student rather than a diploma, so you should keep this in mind. In fact, some colleges prefer home schoolers because of the diversity and personality that they bring to the college campus.

Some colleges don't care about tests at all while some require the use of the SAT. Criteria will vary but you should know that a lot of college courses don't require a high school background.

Even if you think that you should send your kids off to high school, you should know that college is available to your teen via general admission or even attending college online.

Going to college online will further the home schooling experience while allowing you to continue to help your child with their work. It all depends on your child's preference and learning style. They can attend a college via the comfort of their bedroom, and come out with a 100% valid college education.

You can save on college costs dramatically using this option and your child may even learn better since there are so many audio and visual aids that they be available to them.

Going to college has it benefits and disadvantages but the biggest thing that you need to weigh is whether or not you want to sacrifice your child's social life for the cost of the education. If you're child is fine with the fact that they may not meet a lot of friends via an online school, and has the "big picture" of life after college in mind - then maybe going to school online is best for them.

Complicated subjects can be immediately handled via the use of online help and resources, so there are a lot of advantages to going to college online. To help with your child's social life, they may want to get a part-time job to earn some income and to meet new friends and mingle. This can make up for lost time at college and will definitely help with their social life.

No matter what you choose, you should know that college is definitely an option for home schoolers. You just have to get the proper paperwork out to apply and your child will be good to go. If you have prepared your child correctly for college and has taught them virtually everything they need to know, then you should have no problems. You should have them take the SAT during their sophomore or junior year to see where they stand from a collegiate level.

Be sure to keep these things in mind when thinking about college for your child. College is definitely an option.