Anxiety and Its Impact on Kids and Teens in Today's World

Anxiety Symptoms in Children - The Severe Impact They Have in Today's world.

Today we are able to survive illnesses that took the lives of millions of people 100 years ago, thus the human life-span has increased considerably.

Today the development of technology and modern machinery has relieved us of the back-breaking labor that, less than 50 years ago, crippled the majority of the young work-force resulting in their early and painful decline into old age.

Today with the rapid advancement in computer science medical researchers are able to delve further into the human anatomy, and because of this new and unique technology they are now able to break the codes of diseases that once we never even knew existed.

Yes, for anyone living in the modern day world of quantum science and wall-to-wall entertainment, via computer screens and in-home entertainment centers, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the vast majority of the population of the Western World is showing ever increasing signs of psychological stress and anxiety.

Anxiety in Children Today..

Today adolescents, and children in their early teens, are more likely to develop mental disorders than they were 20 years ago. Even though today less than one in ten adults have an anxiety disorder, the harsh reality is, as high as twenty percent of 12 to 16 year-olds will develop some type of mental health disorder - and one in five of these children is at risk of developing a severe disorder - and specifically, the studies show that girls tend to report more anxiety disorders than boys.

It was also found that regular occurrences of anxiety in adolescents significantly interferes with their ability to handle a wide range of everyday activities: relationships with young friends; social competence; getting on, both personally or academically, at school - and if left untreated these anxieties can develop into a chronic disorder in their adult life, and in some cases even develop into a clinical depression, which sometimes leads to suicidal thoughts.

Every Child Experiences Anxiety in The Early Stages of Development..

In the early stages, as part of their development, every child experiences some form of anxiety. Usually the anxiety will be caused by normal fears: fear of the dark; fear of going to school for the first time; fear of being left alone. As part of their development most children usually learn to cope with these fears and eventually work through them - but when anxiety symptoms in children are overlooked, or misunderstood, the anxiety usually prevents them from enjoying the normal day-to-day experience of being young and alive.

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After suffering anxiety and panic attacks through my teens and into my early twenties, I was living in New York making my living as a television actor when, for the first time, cast in my first a theatrical stage production, I was forced to face up to the fact that I had a serious disorder. Up until then I'd self medicate when the pressures became too much, using alcohol and prescription drugs to alleviate my insecurities, but having to go on stage in front of a live audience every night, that's when I knew it was time to find a cure. Knowing now how disruptive anxiety and panic attack disorders can be, in the hope that it will help parents help their children, I have created a website that deals exclusively with understanding anxiety symptoms in children and teens.